The Beijing Experience


Arluck Promotions clients left their mark on the Beijing Olympic Games, winning countless medals for a number of countries. You have the opportunity to hear first hand their experiences from China and to hold their Olympic medals. Each athletes experience was unique, but a life-changing one for all.

Athletes that speak on their experience in Beijing include:

Matt Grevers - Triple Olympic Medalist Swimmer

Christine Magnuson - Double Olympic Medalist Swimmer

Mark Gangloff - Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer

Milorad Cavic - Olympic Silver Medalist Swimmer

Ous Mellouli - Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer

Lacey Nymeyer - Olympic Silver Medalist Swimmer

Megan Jendrick - Olympic Silver Medalist Swimmer

Ben Wildman-Tobriner - Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer

David Payne - Olympic Silver Medalist Track and Field

Nick Symmonds - Olympic Track and Field Star 

Brenda Villa - Olympic Water Polo Captain

Dave Denniston - Paralympic Swim Captain

Peter Vanderkaay - Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer

Cesar Cielo - Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer

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