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Stats, the world's leading sports information provider, and the Associated Press, teamed up with Arluck Promotions in an exclusive alliance to feature some of the greatest athletes in Olympic history to provide their unique perspective of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The athletes spoke on not only the athletic achievements made by individuals at the Games, but also focused on hot topics, such as paying amateur athletes, leadership, and Michael Phelps

Swimming: Ten Time Olympic Medalist Gary Hall, Jr., Twelve Time Olympic Medalist Jenny Thompson, and Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist Mel Stewart

Track and Field: Five Time Olympian Gail Devers

Gymnastics: Olympic Gold Medalist Bart Conner

Stats Swimming

Jenny Thompson, Gary Hall, Jr. and Mel Stewart talk about the Olympics and the record-breaking Michael Phelps.

Stats Track & Field

Gail Devers talks about the 2008 Olympics and her views on paying amateur athletes.

Stats Gymnastics

Stats, the world's leading sports information provider, teamed with with Bart Conner to talk about the 2008 Olympic Games.