Olympic Speaker Series

Determination. Personal Triumph. Integrity. Courage. Sportsmanship.

Mettle & Medals
Medals do not define Arluck Promotions' motivational and educational speakers, but instead are symbolic of the mettle that has propelled them to reach the peak of their professions. 

The success and experiences of our Olympian and Paralympian speakers serve as inspiration to students, work forces and people looking to live a more fruitful life. Topics include:

  • Diversity- Black History, Judaism, Hispanic Heritage, Women of Achievement
  • Women’s Rights
  • Sexual Assault Awareness and Policies
  • Disability Awareness
  • Health and Wellness
  • Mind Over Body
  • Finish Line Vision

Please contact us to learn more about bringing the Mettle & Medals Speaker Series to your organization by emailing speakers@arluckpromotions.com or calling 786.837.6880 ext 302.

Blue Planet Run

Olympic gold medalist Peter Vanderkaay teams up with Blue Planet Run to promote water sustainability.

Finish Line Vision

Ironman Triathlete Jay Hewitt shares his successful life philosophy, Finish Line Vision.

Mind Over Body

Paralympic Swim Captain Dave Denniston shares the power of a positive outlook.

Women of Achievement

These women have proven themselves leaders in every capacity of life.


Bring an Olympian to your campus or organization to speak about diversity.

The Beijing Experience

Hear first hand the experiences from the most memorable Olympics yet.