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Megan Jendrick

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Personal Quotes
Being on top is a great place to be, but you can learn a lot from ups and downs when you're not always on top.
Personal Info

Born On:  January 15, 1984
Hometown:  Tacoma, Washington
Resides:  Tacoma, Washington
Education:  Pacific Lutheran University '08
Height:  5' 7



American swimming icon Megan Jendrick reached the pinnacle of athletic success as fast as anyone before her, winning double-gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games as a 16-year old. Her lessons would be learned in defeat as well as victory.

After being featured on Sports Illustrated in 2000, she was labeled the next big thing in the sport of swimming. A can’t miss athletic specimen with confidence and good looks. As the 2004 U.S. Olympic Trials rolled around, few expected the American phenom to be left out of Athens, but one of the world’s top breaststokers missed qualifying by .11 hundredths of a second.

Devastated and derailed by the media, Jendrick contemplated retirement. Down, but definitely not out, Jendrick’s focused shifted to overcoming the obstacles that had been set in front of her.  She reverted to self-confidence visualization techniques that helped will her to victory in Sydney.

She made a poignant comeback at the 2005 World University Games in Izmir, Turkey, where she set an American standard by winning three gold medals and setting two meet records.

In Omaha, Nebraska, Megan caused her doubters to fall silent. She qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in the 100-meter breaststroke and the 4×100-meter medley relay, and in China just a month later, captured a silver medal.

Jendrick shares her experiences, particularly as it relates to overcoming external obstacles through internal confidence, to help motivate others. Schools, companies, hospitals and various other organizations have all heard Jendrick’s presentation “See it, Believe it, Do it! How to Make Your Thoughts Become Things”, which focuses on visualizing success through a step-by-step process to realize results.


Megan Jendrick’s parents involved her in swimming when she was nine years old to develop her general water safety skills. At her first tryout, she was afraid to put her head under water, and was placed with the four and five year olds.

Even as a youngster, Jendrick was focused on setting goals. It started simple, as all she aimed for was getting to the other side of the pool without stopping. Gradually, the goals heightened and she found herself as juniors National Champion at the age of 14.

Now, the three-time Olympic medalist, former world-record holder and 26-time U.S. National record holder, shares her positive goal-setting techniques with others to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Along with her husband and longtime sweetheart, Nathan Jendrick, the Olympian wrote a book entitled Get Wet, Get Fit that focuses on the lifestyle benefits of swimming and a balances diet.

Passionate about anti-tobacco use, Jendrick has long acted as a spokeswoman for the American Lung Association, making appearances in public services announcements in movie theaters and television. In 2006, she was awarded the Henry P. Iba Citizen Athlete Award for her humanitarian efforts in building self-confidence and preventing tobacco use in American youth.

An active blogger on her website, www.megan-jendrick.com, a community activist and a motivational speaker, Jendrick still remains committed to her swimming career and has once again set a goal for herself; to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games.