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Jay Hewitt

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Personal Quotes
"Overcome and Achieve - You WILL Reach Your Finish Line!"
Personal Info

Born On:  April 11, 1967
Hometown:  Greenville, South Carolina
Resides:  Greenville, South Carolina
Education:  Wake Forest University; University of South Carolina School of Law
Height:  6' 3


Speaking Topics: Finish Line Vision; Diabetes Management; Health and Wellness

Swim 2.4 miles … bike 112 miles … run 26.2 miles – all in one day. All while living with Type 1 diabetes. As an elite Ironman Triathlete, Jay Hewitt embodies his concept of Finish Line Vision™ – turning setbacks into motivation, setting high goals with “failure potential,” and “earning the finish line.” He balances the rigorous demands of diabetes, Ironman training and racing around the world while dedicating himself as a husband, father, lawyer and sought-after professional speaker. He understands the pressure and pain, triumph and disappointment, demands and joy of a successful life and business.

Jay completed his first Ironman Triathlon in 2002, more than 10 years after first being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Since then he has completed 14 more Ironmans and competed as a member of the U.S. National Long Course Triathlon Team at the 2004, 2005 and 2006 World Championships. He is the only person with Type 1 diabetes ever to qualify and race for Team USA.

In 2006, Jay and seven teammates set a record in the 3,052-mile Race Across America cycling event, completing it in 5 days, 16 hours, 4 minutes. Outside magazine tours this event as "the world's toughest race."

Jay is married to the former Anna Hanks, Miss South Carolina 2003 and Miss United States 2005. The couple has one daughter, Janna, born in 2007. Besides training and traveling for competitions and being a motivational speaker, Jay practices business litigation as an attorney with Leatherwood Walker Todd & Mann in Greenville, S.C.


Type 1 Diabetes represents less than 10 percent of all diagnosed cases of diabetes, usually detected in childhood or young adults. It means the body can’t produce insulin, can only be treated with injections or pumps, and is neither preventable nor curable at this point in modern medicine. Getting diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic is a life-changing moment. Jay, diagnosed in 1991 at age 24, made it a change for the better.

Not only did Jay start competing in Ironmans and Long Distance Triathlons, he also finished law school and went on to earn partnership at his law firm. Through his life experiences, Jay developed his concept of Finish Line Vision.

Finish Line Vision is a powerful motivational technique enabling individuals and organizations to achieve goals once thought impossible, converting obstacles into fuel for even greater achievements. Jay teaches his philosophy using examples from his own experiences as well as other high achievers. His motivational message and dynamic presentation skills cross all boundaries. Jay has spoken to groups ranging from children to corporate clients on a variety of topics including leadership, performance, productivity, change management, balance and personal growth, and health and fitness. His powerful motivational book, Finish Line Vision, is due to be released soon.