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Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace

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Personal Info

Born On:  March 4, 1990
Hometown:  Nassau, Bahamas
Resides:  Auburn, AL
Education:  Auburn University '12
Height:  5'6"


 During the London 2012 Olympics, Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace made history as the first woman to reach the finals in Olympic swimming in her home country of the Bahamas.  Such an accomplishment, however, does not come without years of hard work.  

Growing up in the Bahamas, Arianna was surrounded by a culture that encourages the best athletes to become track and field stars, and where the majority of people do not know even how to swim.   It was Arianna’s mother, who has a swimming background, that noticed her daughter’s skill in the sport and began to coach her.  Many of her mother’s coaching techniques mirrored those of coaching legend Richard Quick, who Arianna quickly began to admire. 

Because of her familiarity with Quick’s coaching style and her desire to become the greatest swimmer she could, Arianna attended Auburn University beginning in the fall of 2008.  That same year, eighteen-year-old Arianna represented the Bahamas at the Beijing Olympics, where she was able to learn and compete with the finest athletes in the world.  She arrived in Beijing with the goal to race as fast as she could and to do the best possible for her country. 

Spending the next four years at Auburn under Quick and then Brett Hawke, Arianna was able to earn two NCAA Championships, eighteen All American titles, ten SEC Championships, and was named 2011 SEC Women’s Swimmer of the Year.  All of which prepared her for the 2012 London Olympics, where she alone would represent the Bahamas once again in the pool.  With Hawke by her side and the memories of her experience four years earlier, Arianna would go on to make history and become the first Bahaman woman to make the finals of a swim event at the Olympics.  

Since finishing her academic career at Auburn, Arianna is continuing to look forward and take on new challenges.  She still holds close the wisdom of Quick, “Believe in Belief,” and tries to surround herself with people who believe in her and can help her to achieve new and great things for both herself, and her country.

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