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Adam Brown

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Personal Info

Born On:  January 16th, 1989
Hometown:  Cambridge, England
Resides:  Auburn, Alabama
Education:  Auburn /University
Height:  6'5"


 Adam Brown has always been dedicated to being the best athlete he could be and willing to work hard to excel.  As a young fifteen-year-old teenager Brown moved from his home in Cambridge, England to a different continent so he could swim with the best in Australia.  His dedication paid off and by the time he was done with high school in 2007 he had not only won a Greater Public School team title and the Performance at the Meet honor, but also four medals on the junior international stage.

Adam’s transition to the senior international level came with new and bigger challenges, but he earned a spot on his first Olympic team in 2008 where he competed in the 4x100m Freestyle Relay.  Just a year later Adam was a part of the 4x100m Freestyle team that set a new Great Britain record at the 2009 World Championships in Italy. 

The drive for him to be the best he could and train with the best led him to again leave behind his native England for a new continent, but this time he went to the United States to study and train at Auburn University with legendary coach Brett Hawke.  At Auburn Adam is a nine time All-American and six time SEC Champion. 

Leading up to the 2012 London Olympics Adam represented Great Britain at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, where he earned a silver and bronze medal in the 4 x 100m Freestyle and 4x100m Medley, respectively, the World Championships and the European Championships, and earned his second trip to the Olympics.

The London 2012 Olympics were uniquely special for Adam and the Great Britain team.  Adam was no stranger to the intensity, pressure, and competitive nature of the Olympic games when he walked into the London Aquatics Centre in 2012.  What Brown was not ready for, however, was the overwhelming support, loyalty, and pride shown by the hometown crowed who came out to support their countrymen at each event.  Adam, along with the rest of the Great Britain team, was taken back by amount of adoration they felt from the crowd.  Looking back he explained, “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that many athletes will never get to experience.  To walk out to the blocks and have seventeen and a half thousand people screaming just for you is nerve wracking, but we were well prepared and raced our race.”

Adam and his teammates did not disappoint their large crowd of supporters.  Unexpectedly Adam and his 4 x 100m medley team were the last British swimmers to compete at the Aquatic Center, with Adam swimming the final leg of their hometown 2012 Olympics.  The British swimmers finished 4th in their last race, the best finish by a Great Britain team in the event since the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

With the close of the 2012 Olympics Brown has set his sights towards Rio and 2016, and has returned to the United States to train at Auburn University.  Adam knows that it will take months and years of hard work and training to work towards making it back to the Olympics, and he is ready for the challenge.  By continuing to set and reach goals, execute every detail of his technique and stroke he will be able to get to the pivotal competitions and be able to race with confidence knowing he put in the work.

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