Claire Donahue, Davis Tarwater recovering well from surgeries


Claire Donahue and Davis Tarwater, both Arluck Promotions cliets, have undergone surgery earlier this year.  

Claire Donahue, a 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist and recent Western Kentucky University graduate, is back in the pool after having minor surgery to remover her appendix and an ovarian cyst.  Donahue returned to the pool just four short days after the surgery, but eased herself back into training.   

Donahue stated, “My training is back into full swing. I’m now able to do everything; I’m able to do tough workouts. Mostly, I’m just trying to get my strength and endurance back up to 100%.”  On March 15th, she participated in the Speedo Champions Series meet in Nashville, Tennessee without any complications.  Donahue will continue to compete over the next few months and is looking towards June and the U.S. trials, which will determine the team for the World Championships in Barcelona.

Davis Tarwater, also a 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, has not yet made it back in the pool, but is recovering from surgery repairing a torn triceps tendon in his left elbow.  The injury had bothered Tarwater throughout last summer during the Olympics, but it was manageable with trainers and therapy.  This winter it became clear that something more had to be done, and Tarwater underwent surgery in February.  He has yet to return to the pool, so will probably not compete in this summer’s U.S. Trials and World Championships, but that does not mean he is done for good. “It is too early to say (about swimming through another Olympic cycle), but (the surgery) needed to happen if 2016 is a reality,” Tarwater told KnoxNews, a news outlet in his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Both Donahue and Tawater found the Olympics to be a life altering experience, “it changed my life in that there are a lot of opportunities to do good,” stated Tarwater, “to advocate for the things you want to advocate for.”  Both Donahue and Tarwater have been requested to attend and speak at various events more than during their lives pre-gold medals.  Another big change comes in being a recognizable figure amongst swim fans and the general public, “At Wal-Mart or going out to eat people come up and say ‘Are you Claire Donahue?’” Donahue explained.  The photos and autographs are a humbling experience, and both Donahue and Tarwater have remained grounded athletes, working hard for the next big meet.