David Arluck

David Arluck is the United States' premier sports marketer focusing primarily on the sport of swimming. Since 2001 Arluck has founded and co-founded four businesses and organizations that provide value to the swimming marketplace: Swim For the Future; Arluck Promotions, Inc.; Fitter and Faster Swim Tour; The Race Club.

Arluck has procured sponsorships and strategic relationships over the years with Fortune 100 companies and others much smaller. These relationships have generated significant income for the elite level athletes he works with.

Through Arluck Promotions, Arluck has served as the marketing manager for several Olympic Hall of Fame athletes including Gary Hall, Jr.; Jenny Thompson; Gail Devers and Matt Biondi. However Arluck takes the most pride in the significant income his companies have generated for other elite athletes not quite at the HOF or Olympic level.

The Fitter and Faster Swim Tour is swimming’s only “Turn Key” elite level swim clinic program, handling the marketing, logistics, event management, and quality control for all events. The tour was founded in 2009 by Arluck to establish a revenue-generating platform for a large base of swimmers while providing first-class value to consumers and sponsors. In 2013, the tour will produce more than 100 events around the country, providing a memorable experience for thousands of families.

David Arluck is married to Dr. Jessica Kulak Arluck, a facial plastic surgeon who focuses on “facial rejuvenation”. They recently moved to Potomac, with their son Alex.

Arluck’s father Richard was an All American swimmer at Colgate University. He is in their ‘Athletic Hall of Honor’ and competed at the 1964 Olympic Trials at the age of 18. Since the elder Arluck graduated in 1966 and there was not another Olympic Trials until 1968 – and few professional opportunities for swimmers to train and earn money, his career was over at the age of just 20 years old. This has inspired David Arluck every day.